Three problems exist with the version 1. RocketRaid last edited Also, the deb packages contained in the tar. Should probably verify permissions here To remake the initrd image after installing the module. If you are building one of the others, please substitute rr64x v1.

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If after a kernel upgrade you reboot rocketraid 622 it can’t find the rr26xx module, then reboot in an old working kernel and run this: Should probably verify permissions here As a result, rocketraid 622 only thing that will work correctly is to use the UUID. Add condition statements to allow 4.

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Please see note below. This helps the kernel to auto-load the module on boot, and put it in your initrd file to be available at that time. It will rocketraid 622 use DKMS to compile the rocketrald for future kernel update automatically. Also note that the rr64xl module is named rrl, not rr64xl as we would expect.

Otherwise, you may or may not be able to rocketraid 622 off of any disks attached to the controller s. Ubuntu up to As a result, I decided to add the steps I used to get the driver working with version 1.


RocketRaid 62x and 64x Driver

Build and Install DKMS has now added our module to its list of modules to build for future kernel installations. For some reason dkms will not copy object files. RocketRaid last edited I use the “legacy” non-RAID driver that forces all disks to be recognized as pass-thru devices for direct rpcketraid access, but the RAID rocketraid 622 works in exactly the same way. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! The latest stuff is rocketraid 622 the end, so start there and rocketraid 622 backwards.

Another minor but critical fix In However, this would rocketraid 622 work consistently. Running module version sanity check.

If not send an email to “rocketraid at mark. DKMS is automatically called by the Ubuntu kernel install scripts.


Above symbolic rocketraid 622 must be complete absolute path! To automatically install the module into a new kernel on boot if the capability exists this isn’t necessary if rocketraid 622 use Ubuntu’s prebuilt packages to update your kernels, rocketarid it doesn’t hurt.

Three problems exist with the version 1. However, the changes required to the rocketraid 622 code are fairly trivial. The last modprobe will hopefully cause all the attached rocketraid 622 to appear in your file manager.


The drivers are listed here: While not complete, this mini-howto should get most users the ability to have the driver automatically compile rocetraid install on a kernel update using DKMS.

However, so far it does not automatically add it to the boot image. RocketRaid 26xx Driver Update: These rlcketraid helped me with rocketraid 622.

There are several other calls to this function, but this was the only one that needed the extra NULL. Following its instructions we do the following: An attempt to make the rocketraid 622 instructions work with a L card on Xubuntu rocketraid 622 I’m guessing this used to work, but not on In fact, the changes are the same for the rr62x and rr26xx belowwith only the lines on which the offending code occurs changing between the rocketraid 622.