If you’re scanning medium or large format, flatbeds are great, but this old LS is better for 35 mm film. Pre-scan choices are labeled the not-terribly-informative “Normal” and “Alternative. In the screenshot at left, it says “CleanImage”. What are you waiting for? This is a natural application for the LS, particularly in light of the unique “ICE” dust-removal technology. Auto-exposure can be over-ridden, and dust and scratches are minimized by the diffuse, inexpensive, easily replaced neon bulb that serves as its light source.

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In practice, we found this a very useful feature, as we could switch between nikon ls2000 and negatives nikon ls2000 rapidly, without interrupting our workflow. In grayscale nlkon mode, only the brightness and contrast sliders will appear.

On a negative as deeply scratched as this one, the process can’t completely eliminate all evidence of damage, particularly at higher resolutions.

Nikon LS Specs – CNET

To accommodate such nikon ls2000 amounts of data, NikonScan uses hard drive space for “scratch memory,” to hold pieces of the image data on a temporary basis. You may also like. There are two sections in the scan size nikon ls2000, corresponding to input and output specifications.

These, in turn, have objects plotted on them that link to object pages. The LED light source is also nikon ls2000 collimated nikon ls2000 light waves travel in relatively straight lineswhich produces very sharp scans, but also has a tendency to emphasize scratches, dust, and film defects. The various film adapters plug into a long cavity in the front of the unit.

The TIF file output is great lw2000 you can create a ls20000 decent size hgh res print ps2000.

This image was pretty nikon ls2000 to perfect, straight out of the scanner! Pre-scans are slow and indicators of exactly what is going on are poor.


The LS nikon ls2000 equipped out of the box for scanning both 35mm slides and film strips. The problems with the older mounts nikon ls2000 to be very solvable though, as several users have posted notes and photos of “slide gate” devices they’ve attached to their LS’s.

Nikon LS-2000 APML Scanner Test

In support of this, the LS can export TIFF files containing the full 12 bits of data per channel captured by the nikon ls2000. This list can be sorted by object name, object type, catalog number, constellation, right ascension and focal length.

We really came to appreciate the power of the LS nikon ls2000 we were working with our perpetually challenging “train” image.

You can do it too! The tab at upper right nikon ls2000 the main control panel pulls out to reveal a thumbnail display, whenever you’re using a film adapter that supports multiple scans. When we engaged the “Digital ICE” ks2000 software though, they almost entirely disappeared, as shown in this image kwith very little nikon ls2000 to the nikon ls2000 image. Even negatives that were fairly tightly curled along the length mikon the film fed without problem.

What’s left would be relatively easy to deal with manually, in a program such as PhotoShop tm or PhotoPaint tmthough.

It is thus difficult to set scanners properly to produce adequate contrast to separate the finest details without losing critical information. This brightened the midtones a bit, and gave nikoh better rendition of the slide overall, at least to our eyes. Manual focus adjustment – Nikon ls2000 found the LS’s automatic focus to be nikon ls2000 effective, especially when using the option that allows you to select a specific preferably high-detail portion of the image to focus on.

A system of “drawers” let nikon ls2000 access the full range of scanner options with relatively few mouse-clicks, although we found lw2000 interface nikon ls2000 took some getting used to. Most users not taking advantage of the automatic slide feeder attachment see further discussion below will nikon ls2000 operate the unit standing upright, in which case nikon ls2000 takes up about as much desktop real estate as a thick book. The “auto” button seems to do a pretty fair job of setting highlight, shadow, and gamma values, bikon we usually found ourselves manipulating the controls manually, to achieve best results.


Image B was scanned with scanner defaults, ICE on, 16x multi-sampling, lls2000 bits color depth.

Nikon LS APML Scanner Test

By giving the application more data to work with, fairly radical tonal shifts can be made, without the severe “posterizing” of the nikon ls2000 that can occur with 8-bit data. Polaroid has also recently dropped the price nikon ls2000 several hundred dollars of the top end PLUS scanner.

Suffice to say that we found ourselves nikon ls2000 locking the input size, and then changing the output resolution to produce the desired scan size. Close window after scanning – normally, the NikonScan window will close after a scan has been passed-over to the host application if running as a TWAIN or Photoshop plug-in.

To support batch scanning, you can enter nikon ls2000 number in the “Feed Images” text box, representing the number of slides to be scanned with the current scan settings when the nikon ls2000 button is pressed.

We thought we’d never get through describing all the functions of this scanner! Here, the first thumbnail is selected for manipulation.